She Never Knew


You became a part of our lives. And you never knew. 

This is not just about simple fangirling over you but this is about how you changed our lives. You changed us for the better. That’s how great your impact is in our lives. You have no idea how this “simple” fangirling over you saved us. 

Yes, Lea. You saved us.

You saved us from the simplest things to the most complex things that life gave us. 

First, you saved us when we needed help for our Math homework via AskCoachLea sessions. It may be nothing for you, but, for us, it’s a big deal. Who would’ve thought that the Lea Salonga will help us in our homework? With that, thank you. 

Second, you saved us from the unwanted thoughts. The ones which are unnecessary. The ones which could have made us do things that no one would ever want for us to do… even you. But, hey, you saved us from that. And again, thank you. 

Third, You saved us from countless nights of sadness & tears, from breaking down completely. This may sound cliché but, watching your videos on YouTube, hearing you sing, could very well save our days, our nights, our lives. 

Fourth, you keep on saving us through everything that you do. In a simple shared post on Facebook, simple inspiring tweet, and simple life quotations that you post in Instagram, you saved us, Lea. We don’t know how you did it. We just know that you’re always there whenever we need you. We may not talk to you personally about how difficult life is, but through your tweets and posts, we know we have a reason to continue to live. You’re one of the reasons why we’re still here. Maybe this sounds weird, but really, you’re one of those, Lea.

You’re our happiness.

Other fandoms keep comparing the Lea Fandom to them; that we aren’t like this, and like that. You aren’t like this and that. Honestly, we don’t care. Why should we care if you’re our happiness? Yes, maybe their idols give them the attention that fans would want to have. Meet and greets, get togethers and other sweet stuff from their idols. Us? Your smile is more than enough for us. We don’t care if they’re telling us that you don’t care about your fans, that you’re just ignoring your fans and not giving us your attention; because, first of all, we entered the fandom willingly, you never forced us to be here. You never forced us to support you. So, why would we ask something in return? We love you, Lea. And we don’t care if other people are saying something about us, and about you.

And just like what Aga said, “You are the real thing.” We couldn’t agree more.

We may not know you very well. We may not know you as much as your close friends and family know you. But we know enough about you that we can say you’re one of the nicest person we know. Maybe the public know you as this bitch and what else. However, the Lea we know is one of the nicest. You’re the only person we know that would allow (almost) everyone that’s asking a photo with her. You’re the only one that would still smile even though you’re in a hurry, sick, tired and not in the mood and would still say sorry if you can’t have a photo with your fans because you’re in a hurry. You’re the only one we know that would say Hi and Hello to the fans. We are not being biased here. We’re just saying everything that we saw and observed. And once again, thank you for those moments, Lea. 

Fifth, the last but definitely not the least; you saved us from reality. Each of every unfortunate days, days like, “Haaay, ito na naman.” — You have been and you will always be the silver lining. Days which makes us feel as if the world is against us and that we are isolated from e v e r y t h i n g. You let us escape from the reality, you let us breathe as if you really are our air. But, you also saved us from being delusional that the world is all this shining, shimmering, splendid, all unicorns and glitters and all that. You woke us up and made us look deeper to what’s beyond our eyes can see. You saved us from believing that everything’s perfect. Instead, you made us believe that even though it is not, we can get through it and eventually, we will be found.

We’re not like this most of the time but we hope that we always made you feel that you have a big part in our lives; always have and always will.

We’re always here for you no matter what happens. The fandom may face too many ups and downs but don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine because we’ll do our best to deserve you; because, honestly, we feel that we don’t deserve you. You’re too much for one heart, Lea. Too much.

Love, your fans 


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