Come to the Fun Home

Like chaos never happens if it’s never seen.” 🎶

Watched Fun Home Manila with my friends last November 13, 2016 during the Matinee Show in RCBC Plaza, Makati City. I was really excited and thrilled to see the show because of the awesome line-up of cast.

First of all, Fun Home focuses on Alison Bechdel, her discovery of her sexuality, her relationship with her father and her father’s sexuality and on the mysteries of her life and her family. It’s a musical adaptation of Jeanine Tesori and Lisa Kron from Alison Bechdel’s memoir in 2006.

Andee Achacoso who’s the Small Alison Bechdel during the show. The first time I saw her on stage, I’m amazed of her beauty. She’s really beautiful on stage. I loved her rendition of “Ring of Keys”. Her performance gave me goosebumps. Hands down to this little girl!!!

Teddy Velasco and Albert Silos, who portrayed the roles of Christian and John Bechdel. These two guys are so cute!!! I loved how they were enjoying every performance of theirs during the show. I smiled from ear to ear when they were singing and dancing in “Come to the Fun Home”. Can I pinch their cheeks, please? I just can’t handle their cuteness on and off stage. I hope to see more of these handsome kids and also, more of Andee, too, in the future. I wish I’ll see more of them on future broadway shows, they really seem to have the calling for performing. 

Yanah Laurel was Joan in the show. A really really gorgeous girl… I mean, lesbian in the show. She really nailed her role. I swear. The first time she went out the stage, the only thing that came out of my mouth was WOW. I love how she (her character) supports Alison in everything. I also think she’s naturally funny and not just because of the lines she’s saying to Alison or to other characters, but also because of her ability to deliver those lines with ease. One thing that made me remember Yanah is her kiss with Mikkie, who portrays Medium Alison Bechdel. Hands down to the both of them in that part. I mean… really, hands down!!! 

Laurence Mossman who portrayed all of the guy in Mr. Bechdel’s life. Okay, first, he’s really handsome!!! And let me use the gay term, “borta” to him. Yes, he’s really “borta”. I was really entertained by him during their performance of “Raincoat of Love”. He only had a few scenes in the show but he really left an awesome impression to the audience.

Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante portrayed Medium Alison Bechdel. I know her because I see her on the television, most of the time for some show guestings. But I didn’t know that she’s that awesome on stage. Her version of “Changing My Major” is still stuck on my head, and it already has been a week since I watched the show! That was really her moment in the show. Her performance of “Changing My Major” made the audience laugh and cry. After the show, I had the chance to met her and asked her to sign my Fun Home brochure. She was so nice to sign most of the fans’ merchandise and took some selfies with them. She was really sweet and approachable, on some pictures, she volunteered to be the one holding the phone and with that, I can say that she’s really a beautiful lady, inside and out.

 The handsome Eric Kunze who portrayed the role of Bruce Bechdel, the father of Alison. He’s one of the reason why I watched the show. Hee hee! Fangirl. He proved to everyone in the audience that he is really Eric Kunze. Most of his scenes in the show really made me cry, honestly. Some of his scenes with Medium Alison and with Mrs. Bechdel really touched my heart and brought me to tears. One thing that really made me give him a thumbs up is his performance of “Edges of the World”. Wow. Just wow, Eric!!! My jaw really met the floor. Ugh-mazing.

Second but not the least is Cris Villonco. Cris played the role of Alison Bechdel. Okay, i’m really speechless for Cris’ performance. Let me just say this to you, Cris. YOU NAILED IT!!! You were very consistent from start until the end. You brought all of us to tears especially during your performance of “Telephone Wire”. Until now, I still listen to the version of the song on Spotify, talk about major LSS! The song keeps on playing in my mind and I can only hear your version of that. During your performance of “Telephone Wire”, I was really sobbing because I can really feel your emotions, I can feel Alison’s sadness. Sigh, Cris, you brought us in tears. Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Hope to watch you again on your upcoming shows. 

Lastly, THE Lea Salonga, who played the role of Helen Bechdel. Lea Salonga was really the reason why I watched the show. I’m a proud fan of hers and there’s no use hiding it to everyone because I’m very vocal about it. I’ve seen her perform on tv, had a marathon of her Youtube videos and many other stuff that a normal fangirl does. But seeing Lea perform on a theater stage is a different story. She only had a few scenes in the show but those scenes will really touch the hearts of the audience. Those scenes are also the ones who hit me the most. I could really relate to it. I can imagine my mom telling me those words, those lines. And that really made me cry. No, I was really sobbing. I was such a mess during the show, I admit. My favorite Lea performance was when she sang “Days and days”. She was sitting AND crying, but still managed to belt that song! And I was like, ” HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT SEEM EFFORTLESS?” Oh, yeah right, she is THE Lea Salonga. My other favorite Lea performance during the show was when she sang ” Raincoat of Love”. During the “Raincoat of Love”, the occasional dancer Lea was seen in that performance. I always smile from ear to ear every time I see Lea dance. Hee hee!!! Another thing that made my heart swell was Lea Salonga playing the piano. It was the first time I saw her play the piano and I swear, she just took my breath away. Hands down to you, Lea!!! Once again, you proved to everyone the prowess of the ‘Broadway Diva”. You wowed everyone who watched the show, and all of your fans are really, really proud of you. I am a Lea Salonga fan, and I am so proud to call you my idol. 

And to all the cast and crew of Fun Home Manila, a big warm of applause to everyone. And to the amazing man, Direk Bobby Garcia, congratulations for a very, very wonderful show!!! Shoutout to every one in ATEG! Bravo, everyone!! I hope I can watch more of your upcoming shows.

To everyone, please, don’t forget to catch the last 5 shows of Fun Home MNL until November 27, 2016 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati City. For ticket inquiries, visit

PS. Can’t wait to watch it again on the 26th. See y’all again, amazing cast!!!


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