Feels like I’m a Part


I became a fan of Tanya Manalang for almost 2 years. And I’m so happy and proud that I’m a fan of her. This pint-sized lady never fails to amaze me because of her beauty and kindness. And I think, it’s more than a year that I met, not personally, her parents on Facebook (If my memory’s right). Her parents, Mr. Mark And Mrs. Christine Manalang, are one of those kindest people you’ll meet. That’s why this post/update is dedicated for the Manalangs.
First, Tito Mark/Tito Daddy, you’re the person who always tell me “Wag kang mahihiya.” With those words, you always make me feel that I’m must not be awkward or shy to you and Tita Christine and Ate Tanya. Thank you for that, Tito Daddy! I can’t promise that I won’t be shy when meet again. He he! Maybe, part of me is really shy but the larger part is that I’m STARSTRUCK to the three of you. Lastly, I will never forget the moment when you called me “anak“. Yie!!! I’m so ‘kilig’ that moment. (Sorry for being conyo.) Again, thank you very much, Tito Daddy! 
Next, Tita Christine/ Tita Mommy, you’re the person who is always ready to help me in everything. Everything means everything, not just about Ate Tanya but also when I ask help for my academic requirements and other stuff. I’m very thankful for everything, Tita! You also makes me feel that I’m loved. And that I’m part of your family. I love you, Tita Mommy, i know you know that.
Lastly, “Areh” Tanya, these started all because of you. Tee hee!!! You’re so down to earth. Wala akong nakitang arte. You’re very simple and crazy (yes, krung krung). I’m really shy and really starstruck, last saturday. My heart wants to burst because of ‘kilig’ but I need to contain my happiness and literally, my self. I love you so much, “Areh” Tangs. I can’t promise that I won’t be shy the next time we’ll meet. He he! Thanks for being an inspiration to us, Tanyaians. And we’ll never get tired supporting and loving you. I love you! đź’•

 To the Manalang Family, thank you so much for making me feel that I’m part of you’re family. Thank you for everything. I wish to have many more TanyAdventures with you. I’ll always be her for you, no matter what. Thank you for the love. I love you, three!!!!