Lea and Life

“Mula nang makilala ka, aking mahal ‘di ako mapalagay sa kakaisip ko sa’yo” (Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal) – I really don’t know when and where I started fangirling over Lea. I think it’s like true love, you’ll just feel it without questioning yourself of how and why. There are days in the past that I had a ‘Lea Marathon’ for almost everyday. Browsing Lea singing videos, Lea interviews and more Lea-connected videos. I also looked for Lea photos that I’ve never seen. Checking her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account, if she posted an update already. Days, weeks, and months had past, my fangirl life improved. I started going to ‘ganaps’ and also, I become an active fangirl of her. My twitter account was flooded of so many Lea-related tweets. And I’ll never forget that. YES, that’s my life as a fangirl of Lea. Watch her videos. Look some photos. Update myself about Lea. Go to ‘ganaps’. And keep on asking my mind, “Lea, bakit nga ba labis kitang mahal?”

“Cause darling, I would catch a grenade for you… You know I’ll do anything for you!” (Grenade) – A life of a fangirl is not as easy as what others think. There will always be people who would not agree with your thoughts about your idol. There are always bashers. This maybe clichĂ© but really, we cannot please everyone. But as long as my fangirl life is concern, I won’t let anyone tell Lea things that are below the belt. I know Lea is the toughest. She can handle them in her different ways. But as a fan, I’m hurt. I won’t let my idol to be hurt. That’s why, Lea, I’d catch a grenade for you.

“A dazzling place I never knew” (A Whole New World) -I never thought that I’d be a fangirl of Lea. This is really a new world for me. New perspective about life. New people to meet and to communicate with. Everything’s new. But I didn’t thought that I’m going to enjoy this life. Enjoying moments that I had with my co fangirls. Everything is FANTASTIC. Yes, there are negative issues, bashers and etc. The fandom don’t mind them because we don’t want to stress our lives with non-sense things. I know that this is a whole new world but I’m enjoying this magic carpet ride with Lea.

“Kung kaya kong, iwanan ka, ‘di na sana aasa pa” (Sana Maulit Muli) – I’m always having second thoughts about leaving the fandom. I really don’t know why. I want to leave because of priorities. And I want to leave because of some personal things. But I really really can’t. First point is because of LEA. The very reason why I enter this fandom and why I’m still staying. Much love for Lea that’s why I can’t leave her. There are lots of factors that push me to leave the fandom; but Lea is the main reason why i’m still holding on. And, now, I promise. I. Will. Never. Leave. Lea. Second, people that became part of my life that I don’t want to leave. Team Asterisks, the first one on my list. Team Asterisks, namely, Abhie Manlapaz, Barbie Fernandez, Christel Leron, Dess Rea, Erika Mabansag, Jheanne Las, Sha Natividad, Viel David, Zane Rivera and yours truly. They became part of my life. They became my sisters. Lea brought to us together to become sisters and to become a family. And I don’t want to regret leaving them and I don’t want to hear myself saying, “Sana maulit muli, ang mga oras nating nakaraan”

“When will my reflection show who I am inside?” (Reflection) – This is already the real me. This is my true reflection. TO. BE. A. LEA. FAN. To my dear Queen, I may not be your daughter, your sister, your friend, your bestfriend, or your mom but I will always be a fan of yours. I will be forever proud of your achievements, and who you truly are as proud as your daughter, as happy as your sister, as blessed as your friend or bestfriend and I will also have the tears of joy like your mom. And I’m meant to play this (fangirl) part.

“So, I don’t have to say you were the one that got away” (The One That Got Away) – You maybe Aga’s The One That Got Away. But you’ll always be the “The One That Changed Our Lives”. You changed us, Lea. You changed us to be better, to be who we really are. And we are very very much thankful for you for that. 

To top it all, to our dearest Lea, Happiest 45th birthday! We will always catch a grenade for you. We will join you in every magic carpet ride. Hindi ka namin kayang iwanan dahil hindi namin kayang sabihin ang mga katagang ‘sana maulit muli’. Dahil ngayon, alam na namin kung bakit labis ka naming mahal, Lea. And we’ll support you until the end because this is really who we are inside. And lastly, you will never be our the one that got away because you are the one who changed our lives. Thank you, Lea! Thank you for your 45 years existence here! And thank you for being the greatest part of our lives. Happy happy birthday! Cheers! đŸ»